Albina's Moly

Almost done with Albina's moly. I will have pictures up I should be able to finish it this week.


Brides added to Michael Nightmare's Vampire Moly

Every since that Santos versus the Brides of Dracula appeared on Mystery Science Theater eons ago, I've been an ardent fan of the Brides, and they've remained my favorites through pretty much every incarnation of Dracula since.

Definitely kicking a little 30 Days of Night notched up a bit with the ample teeth, although that might also be my penchant for drawing big teeth, something I've been keen on since I started trying to draw the Wolfman from the American Werewolf in London ad I had pulled from a magazine as a kid, years before I ever saw the actual film, drawing the howling maw while making up what the movie could be in my head.

I wonder what sort of flick Vampire Brides versus the howlin' mad Wolf Man would make, esp. with a healthy dose of Santos & Blue Demon.


Yvonne's addition to Michael Nightmare's Vampire Moly

Yvonne's asked me to scan this in for your viewing pleasure, so here you go! Love how the bites have actually punctured through the Moly paper!



progress in Michael Nightmare's book

Took a more 30 Days of Night approach to the Vampire theme.
Next to add some color...

Oh, and let me pass along the ample praise this Moly garnered as I set to add to it on the roomy marble bar in the well lit lounge of the hotel we escaped to in Whistler for the weekend. The staff and several patrons saw Michael and Yvonne's brilliant pieces as I laid the Moly out and began sketching, leading to some neat discussions about art, the International Moly Echange, meeting artists on Flickr, tattoos as an Australian mom thinks Yvonne's flower would make an awesome tatty, and a museum I missed when I was in London that apparently I need to go back for, the Tate by the Millineum Bridge. Any rate, several cats at Whistler thought what we're doing is cool and looks awesome, and art work wise thats props to M. Nightmare and Yvonne, cause I hadn't really drawn anything yet.


Pilars Moly

Coming your way Ian!


Ruben's Moly

Here is rubens moly. Yvonne are you ready for another one or should I mail on to a different person?