Started to work on my moly. My theme will be vampires..hopefully you can tell it's a coffin shape and that its cool...when i'm done i'll post the final pic. Hopefully it will be done by the end of the week... I hope we are all getting to the finishing point to get these mailed out.



How's everyone doing? Im almost ready to send mine out, what about you?



I'M STUCK!!! I am just not finding inspiration right now. I really like emonxie has done with his. I wish I thought of the cracken... what are some other mythology??? Maybe big foot? Please help me find something thanks


Tentacles & Teeth Tales

My first Mole contribution done! Thank goodness it's the book I'm starting though, cause went WAY too dense detailed on the start of it, and thus trying to color it up went too dark as well, basically turned into a big smear, and man those markers bled a lot! Good to learn!


Tentacles & Teeth Tales Moly progress

Still pretty rough, but wanted to post my progress.

Inks done, time to color. How are everyone else's coming along? Also, anyone know how to spice up our blogger page like x38? I'm clueless about blogger formatting...



dangerous girls - work in progress

...working on it, this is where I am at this point...