Yvonne's Molly Arrived

Here's a peek at the work she'd done in her Moly so far. Looking GREAT and I'm excited to get a chance to contribute to it!



My Molly is off to Ian

I forgot to take a picture!!! I was out of town and in such a hurry:) Ian's going to scan if for me. I got yours this week Michael...it looks very cool:)


it's off

my moly is off to Yvonne



Just wanted to find out where we are on this first mail-out. I have Ian's moly. Where are all the others?



I think i am all done with my moly and ready to mail out. Incase you couldn't tell my subtheme is Vampires. I did my two favorite vampires vlad the impaler and Nosferatu
I will get a better pic of it up soon


Blog header

I am trying out different ideas for our blog header, per Ian's suggestion. It is a work in progress and not yet a final result.

I got it!

It is here, it is here -- I have Ian's moly! I am just looking at it, admiring it for now... before I decide what it is I can do with teeth and tentacles.

Also, my own moly is on its way to Colombia: Ruben, you should have it in a week or so. Can't wait to see what sort of dangerous girls you will choose!


Ok, I coulndt wait till next week to finish it, so here's my moleskine. I did a big mess with the inks in the reverse side (you'll see it).
Cant wait to have yours : D



Hi everyone, here's what I've got so far, hope to have it finished by next week and send it to Michael (please send me your adress by mail) .
Well, hope you like it, Oh, by the way my sub-theme is nightmares.

dangerous girls -- FINISHED first page!

OK, my first pages are done and my Moly book is ready to go to Colombia!