My moly

Just wonder who has my moly and if their has been any progress on it????
Where is everyone else at?



Since I received this two molys almost at the same time I couldn't help to make the two drawings simultaneously, so I'll send 'em together, sorry Michael!
first one is ruben's, second one is Albina's moly.


ruben's moly

Here's my contribution to ruben's moly, i'll finish the drawing in the right side & color and send it to Michael.


Hello, everyone!

How is this new year treating you? I hope all is well and good where you are. I hope you giving some love and artistic attention to all those moleskins that you have. And speaking of moly-books: I would like to make a little spreadsheet (I saw them on other moly_x blogs) that shows the movement of our books. Can you please let me know who's book (or books) you have now or to whom you have send it off to recently. And remember we have one month to make an entry and send it off to another person to keep this collaboration moving!



Pilar's moly

I have just finished Pilar's moly...literally I just got up from working on it walked over to the computer and I am now typing this. I will have a nice scan of it on Monday when I get back to work so keep an eye out for that I'll just add it to this post. Let's keep this group moving... which means Pilar I am ready for another moly!


First moly of the new year

Once I am done with Pilar's moly it will be the first entry finished for me in a moly for 2009!
I am practicing with trying to match the background that Pilar has created and then it will be mailed off and ready for another one!

Happy New Year !!!