Finally something.....
The first image is from my moleskine, the way that myths and legends are distorted through oral difusion.
The second is albina's moly, "dangerous girls of mythology", i continued with sirens.....


Ian's moly DONE!

This is a Love Story of mechanical robot jelly-fish boy and a pink jelly-fish girl for Ian's moly of "Tentacle'n'Teeth Tales". I got Yvonne's book yesterday, so I am ready to give it a go! Hey, Ian, thanks for that little extra something, that arrived in that package :)


color added and ready for post to Albina

Tried a different route as the markers seep too much. Animation pencils were too light, but the Ticonderoga core-lock pencils rock, need to procure a wider variety of those, I suspect.

How is everyone else coming along?



a new start

...here is my sketch in Ian's moly book: Tales of Teeth and Tentacles...