member updates

Just post a quick update here on where your status is on moly's for this book.
I have Pilar's Moly and I am on vaction so I am playing catch up with all my groups that I've joined. I am hoping to have it done by the first weekend of the new year! I have just two moly's in front of hers and I am working on one now.


...and they are off!

Ian's and Yvonne's moly books are out of my hands and are in transit via United States Postal Service on their way to Rubén! Shipped them off today.

Speaking of shipping things off and keeping track of them -- where is your moly, everyone? Just checking!


Yvonne's Moly is ready

This image was inspired by several deities that represent masculine divinity in Wicca. An antlered god Cernunnos, associated with produce and fertility was a main inspiration for this image. In Wiccan tradition masculine deity is viewed as a Horned God of nature. He is often seen as a god of woodlands, sexuality, and hunting. In this form he is equated with Celtic god Cernunnos and Greek god Pan. Another depiction of the God is as the Oak King and the Holly King, one who rules over Spring and Summer, the other who rules over Autumn and Winter.

Both Ian's moly and Yvonne's moly are now done and ready to be packed up and shipped to Rubén ...



Pilars Moly

I finally got pilars moly! My first one for this group!!! I can't wait to start working away it at, but first I need to finish a few moly's ahead of hers.

Also any progress on my moly?