No really.....

where is my moly and everyone else ???
I just got rubens and albina

let's get the group going!!!! If you can't continue for any reason please let us know and mail on to the next person it's not a problem. I just hate the feeling that my moly is lost :(
I dont want to come off mean or anything I just want to see some action and progress and I hope everyone is still excited to be doing this like I am.

Just update everyone now and again on progress or what is going on.


Cre8tive Girl said...

Ive got your moly almost ready Michael..I'll send it in the post by Monday. I have alot of stuff happening around here. Sorry for the delay

Mike nightmare said...

good to see the updates. Pilar I did send your moly to yvonne. I hope she has it. Also I added all our emails to a list that will email all new post to us such seems to be working. Your all awesome!
Yvonne totally understand about being busy I look forward to your artwork

emon xie said...

I'm waiting for the next one from Yvonne, hoping is hasn't been lost in the mail crossing the border!

Michael Nightmare said...

I think the next one to you emon is mine. so you should get it as soon as she is finished.

albina said...

I think what happened, Michael, is that Ian got Yvonne's book finished super-early so I could send two-at-the-time to Ruben. I think it messed up the usual "where is my moly?" sort of chain of belonging... And Yvonne is blogging like crazy -- I know because I am hanging out at her blog, ha! Get to drawing, girl!!!!

Sooooo, I will stick to one book per one person from now on :)And yeah, it is nice to see those beautiful gorgeous pages from Ruben and Pilar -- I am just absolutely thrilled!!!!

While we are waiting: Everyone can make a quick sketch for some future ideas! 5 min max for sketching exercise! I am posting mine tomorrow.