second round update

Hello, everyone!

First of all -- wow! We are at the end of our first round, and there are some really amazing pieces that are now gracing our moly pages. Thanks everyone for your beautiful art!

Also, I got an e-mail from Pilar: she and Ruben will not be able to participate in the second round. She will be sending remaining moly books to Michael, and I will send her book (and Ruben's) to her. It is sad to say good bye to both of them, but I understand that sometime needs must.

And it brings us to another question -- how are the rest of us doing? Can we finish this moly circuit between just the four of us: Yvonne, Michael, Ian, and Albina? I hope so! It would be too late at this point in the game to invite other people to jump in, as our books half-way full, and I feel that we are a strong group ... despite the quietude. With Pilar and Ruben out, perhaps the rest of us can take a little more space for artwork, and perhaps a little more time to complete it.

Obviously I am not ready to give up, how about the rest of you? Let me know how you feel about it! Reply here, through e-mail, or find me on facebook.

Cheers! Albina


Michael Nightmare said...

I will cont. With a second round if I get my book back I have not seen anything for it pop up for awhile so hopefully it is not lost

emon xie said...

I'll continue as well, and while I'll miss Pilar and Ruben, I'll be glad to have the added room to stretch our subsequent sketches out a bit.