Book updates please post here

I have no books for this group! Who has my book.. .in fact who has whose book at this point? I know we are almost full circle here.


Anonymous said...

Hi Michael, I've got your Moly!
sorry for not answering before, I told Albina I'll send 3 molys I have right now, I've been traveling since march and that has made me slow down with the molys. I hope I can send them in about 2 weeks.

Michael Nightmare said...

Thanks for the update pilar. Can't wait to get the books from you.

albina said...

Hi! And I have Pilar's and Ruben's molys -- and I will send them off to Pilar when I finish them -- hopefully soon!

Also, my own moly is here. It returned, and I would still like to finish it ... but there is no word from Yvonne yet.

emon xie said...

I have no books in hand currently, looking forward to receiving one.

Cre8tivegirl said...

I have no books either? Who has mine? What's up? Looking forward to one!