Check, check, checking...

Hello, everyone!

Just a short post to re-cap some of the things we have talked about through e-mail:

Our group’s theme have been agreed upon and it is "Myths and Legends and Creatures of Myths and Legends: old, new (creatures of fiction, Urban Legends) and personal mythology". Everyone sounded pretty enthusiastic about it. It is a broad topic, but that's the joy – everyone can have sub-theme that they are most happy about. Also, some people mentioned having color as an added dimension for their moly challenge.

So, this is the time to get our books, pick out our sub-themes and start working away on those first few pages. Page distribution for six-member group is 2.5 pages in two rounds. Please post your progress, stages or finished efforts here and Moly_x Flickr group. I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s art!

Our mail order will be: Albina to Ruben, Ruben to Pilar, Pilar to Michel, Michael to Yvonne, Yvonne to Ian, Ian to Albina. Our tentative first mail-out day is September 20. It will take a year for all of our books to make a circle of the group twice... more or less :)

I am ready to start. You?


Michael Nightmare said...

I have my moly now its time to figure out what I want to do. I am thinking mexican mythology / folklore? What is everyone else doing?

Cre8tive Girl said...

hell yeah :) got my moly and ready for the under world of mythical creatures :)

albina said...

Yeah! I am going for the "dangerous girls of myths and legends"!