Q and A:

Hi, here are some answers to few questions that came through e-mail.

Once again, our group theme is "myths, legends and creatures of myths and legends old and new".

Each person have to pick out their own sub-theme. It is up to you, it is your choice! For example, I am leaning toward "dangerous girls of myths and legends". Valkyries, Furies, Vampire Hunters... etc. That means when my moly will get to Ruben, he will have to continue with my sub-theme (dangerous girls) in my book. Remember that whatever sub-theme you will have for your book, others will have to follow it and interact with. If you don't mind let everyone know what your sub-theme happens to be, it will be easier as books will make their rounds.

As soon as you have your sub-theme picked out and you got your moly Japanese accordion book ready - start working on your own book anytime! I am going to start on my own this weekend.

Also, while Pilar and Ruben are not signed as blog contributers just yet, we are in touch and they are on board!

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Michael Nightmare said...

I have decided to go with japanese mythology.